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If you've lost teeth due to accident, injury, or gum disease, we can create a fixed bridge to restore your solid smile. A bridge not only fills the gap, but it also prevents repositioning of remaining teeth. It can also correct a misaligned bite, improve chewing function and speech articulation, and provide internal structure for the face to give you a more youthful appearance. A bridge is a prosthetic tooth (or teeth) that attaches on one or both sides to teeth prepared with dental crowns. A fixed bridge is joined onto the neighboring abutment teeth (crowned teeth) and consists of three basic units: the false tooth or teeth (called a pontic) and two abutment crowns. The style of bridge we suggest will depend upon the strength and health of the abutment teeth, as well as the location of the gap in relation to the rest of your dentition. If healthy adjacent abutment teeth aren't available, a surgically-implanted metal post, known as a dental implant, may offer a solid alternative. For a bridge that replaces many teeth, we may recommend a removable partial denture or implant-supported prosthesis. With proper care, a fixed bridge may last many years.


Dental veneers are thin shells, custom made for your teeth to cover the front surface and improve their appearance. They are made of tooth-colored materials and can be used to improve the color of teeth, the shape or size of your teeth, or any combination of these. You talk to you dentist about dental veneers if:
  • Your teeth are stained or discolored
  • Your teeth are crooked or misshaped
  • Your teeth have spaces between
  • Your teeth are broken or chipped
Two types of veneers are commonly used. Porcelain veneers are more durable, and resist stains better. The other type is composite resin veneers. Unlike porcelain, these are not made in a laboratory, but instead directly applied to the teeth. They typically have a shorter life span, and are less expensive. We have extensive experience in providing veneers in all kinds of cases. Our highly trained staff will work with you to decide the best course of action.


Dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular method for replacing missing teeth. In this procedure, replacement artificial roots are created to serve as an anchor for natural-looking false teeth. Some advantages of implants include:
  • Natural appearance
  • Very stable and comfortable compared to traditionally dentures
  • Last a lifetime
There are several types of implants, and your dentist will be able to tell you which of the is right for you.


A composite filling is also known as a tooth colored filling, since the material used in the filling can be closely matched to the color of your teeth. Composite fillings provide good durability for small to medium cavities. They are also particularly well suited for treating front or highly visible teeth because of their natural look..

Cerec Same-Day Crown

New procedures make it possible to provide crowns in a single day. CEREC is a special procedure that provides:
  • Single visit convenience, so no need for temporaries
  • No uncomfortable impression trays
  • Beautiful color-matched ceramic
  • Enamel-like materials for a natural look and feel
  • Clinically proven results in millions of restorations worldwide

Root Canals

When soft tissue inside the root canal becomes inflamed or infected, you may need treatment to correct the problem. Inflammation or infection can have a variety of causes: deep decay, repeated dental procedures on the tooth, or a crack or chip in the tooth. In addition, an injury to a tooth may cause pulp damage even if the tooth has no visible chips or cracks. This common procedure is a staple among our highly trained staff. We provide the highest level of care and comfort during the process, and work to deliver the best possible dental health we can.
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What Our Patients Say!

I always have a great experience! The staff is friendly and Dr Hathaway is a lot of fun. My seven year old loved that Dr Hathaway could juggle.

Samantha Lewandowski

Had 4 crowns and a double bridge yesterday and they took good care of me. No pain. Dr. Hatheway is very entertaining. His staff is funny and friendly.

Leigh Ann Hunt

I had a molar pulled today by Dr Hatheway, I was anxious but it was a very easy going procedure, no pain and Debbie the nurse was very helpful..letting me know about what was going on and the sounds I was hearing etc! 🙂 Definitely my best experience at the dentist by far! All the staff was very nice! Thank yall!

Catie Daughtery

Love the staff and the office � Definitely make you feel comfortable!!

Jennie Butler

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