Gold Teeth

Patient wanted to do a gold bridge on the front teeth, he loves it!

Patient who has previously had tooth colored fillings on his anterior teeth, and had them replaced multiple times due to staining. He decided to go with crowns instead and they […]

April 2021

Female patient had decay along her gum line and was real self conscious. The team was able to get rid of the the decay and give her a new smile.

January 2021

Patient wanted to fix her lower teeth just like her upper. Looks great!

July 2021

IMG_5273 IMG_5109 Female patient hated her lower partials and said “I can’t wear these things”. Patient opted to have implants and permanent bridges. An excellent periodontist placed the implants and […]

August 2021

  Female patient wanted to improve her smile. Very nervous about getting crowns, but after we did a try-in of our final crowns, she absolutely loved them.

Broken Toof

Long time patient came in with a broken front tooth. After removing the broken tooth and a short healing period, a bridge replacing most of his front teeth was fabricated […]

June 2021

Nice gentleman needed a better way of eating. The team at Central Baldwin Dental ended up making him a set of dentures. He is very pleased with the results.

3 Year Follow-up Filling

This filling was done on a deep cavity in April 2017, nearly three years ago, not long after Dr. Hatheway came to our practice. Patient is now taking good care […]