July 2023

Gentleman from the office who had a history of breaking front teeth while also wearing the teeth down significantly decided he had enough of his front teeth. He decided to […]

June 2023

Lovely long term patient wanted to improve her smile and hates her teeth are getting darker.  Our staff along with a great lab created her some beautifully whiter lower teeth […]

May 2023

Younce gentleman lacked adult teeth to replace baby teeth on his front teeth. With a little help from the doctor and an amazing lab we were able to get him […]

June 2023

Young lady who wanted to change her smile. She was very self conscious about the way her teeth looked now, and wanted dearly to have them look similar to the […]

May 2023

Young gentleman who admitted to not taking care of his, unfortunately we did not get a “before” picture of his upper/top teeth but at least we can see the final […]

April 2023

Patient wanted to completely change her smile. So we gave her some beautiful white crowns on the top and bottom. She’s

March 2023

New patient who wanted to fix “his worn down and broken teeth.” Using a new crown/veneer material our lab has patented with we’re able to give him a amazing, natural […]

February 2023

Young gentleman who wanted to change his smile a little by adding a couple of gold crowns. They turned out great!  

October 2022

Gentleman with whom we have fabricated a lower denture wants to make his upper teeth look good too. So we have given him a new set of beautiful front teeth! […]

October 2022

Quick fix for a young man with discoloration on his front four teeth due to many sodas and energy drinks. He left happy with a brighter smile and instructions to […]