August 2022

Nice patient’s granddaughter continued to say “Meme, your teeth just don’t look good.” And the patient said “That is enough. I’m doing something now.” She is so happy with the […]

August 2022

Patient wanted her to be whiter and straighter. Patient is beyond thrilled. (Dr Hatheway got a hug on this one!)  

January 2022

Mrs. D wanted a new smile but had to many bad teeth. She opted for all new teeth!      

Composites on Teeth 2022

Patient had many cavities along the gum line. We used composites to fix her up and brighten her smile.

Nov 2021

Lady came to our office and wanted to fix the gap and broken teeth in the middle. We did that and whitened her teeth. Now she has a beautiful smile!

Nov 2021

Young man wanted straighter and brighter teeth. Originally he only wanted to do the two front teeth but was able to do the front four teeth. Looks so much better!

Gold Teeth

Patient wanted to do a gold bridge on the front teeth, he loves it!

Patient who has previously had tooth colored fillings on his anterior teeth, and had them replaced multiple times due to staining. He decided to go with crowns instead and they […]

April 2021

Female patient had decay along her gum line and was real self conscious. The team was able to get rid of the the decay and give her a new smile.