March 2020

Young gentleman wanted to fix his crooked teeth so we fabricate these beautiful crowns. Looks great!

July 2019

Patient wanted to fix her worn and eroded two front teeth. We’ve fixed her up and she’s loving her new teeth!  

May 2019

Beautiful lady who in recent years had begun to have cracking teeth, recession, and yellowing of teeth. We were able to give her beautiful new smile!

March 2019

We were able to fix the patients smile using a very realistic type of composite.  

Best of February 2018

Patient was unhappy with his front smile and how worn down they had become. We were able to give him a new, whiter smile that blended well with the other […]

Best of January 2018

Patient was dissatisfied with his two front teeth that he had placed several years before, he did not like the metal that was showing or the color of the teeth. […]

April 2017

Older male gentleman who visited saying his “teeth have gotten shorter over the years”. After discovering that this patient ground his teeth at night and has worn his teeth down significantly, […]

Best of March 2018

Patient recently had upper teeth crowned with a beautiful bleach white for that Hollywood smile. After completing braces with Island Orthodontics to straighten and close gaps in the lower anterior, she has […]